Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's Happenin Mother Nature?

This is normal so far this Summer
    I live near Chicago, although you wouldn't know it this year. It feels like I'm living in Seattle considering the weather we've had. It's been so wet and stormy; it's definitely not our norm. 
    I love storms. They make me wanna grab a dog, a delish drink, and settle down with a good book. Sometimes it's amazing just to watch from inside. The thunder rolling through you, the crack of the lightning. 
    Although the storms lately have me nervous. If I'm working, the power will go out easily. I've been hearing about tornadoes lately too closer and closer to where I live. It's pretty scary and definitely has me on edge. So far luck has been on my side and the damage in my area has been minimal. WHEW! 
        What's going on mother nature??? I don't remember this sort of Summer weather in the past! It's so hot and sticky...and not the naughty kind. Just hoping our luck stays with us. 


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