Review Policy

Genres I read
Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance
I tend to read books that are geared toward vamps, weres, demons, angels, cowboys, and menage.  I read very little YA. I adore fiction.  

If you would like me to review your book, please send me a message.  I accept print as well as e-books that are PDF or E-Pub format.  If there are any specifics you are looking for in a review or a time frame, please let me know beforehand and I will do my best to comply with that.  If your book is part of a series, I will need to know. I prefer not to read a book in the middle of a series.  I will be honest in my review and respectful.

I post my reviews to my blog, goodreads, and on facebook.
Piracy is not the kind of naughty I like.
Everything I read is either given to me or bought.
I don't put any books out there for others to pirate.

5/5 The Violet Moon ~ Blew me away! Give it to me again!
4/5 ~ Loved it, yet there is something missing
3/5 ~ Good but it could have been better
2/5 ~ Meh, it was alright
1/5~ Noooo, don't touch it
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