Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sensual Saturday

This is Sensual Saturday! This scene is from Lover Eternal by JR Ward, Rhage's story. I've always had a soft spot for him from the beginning. He's definitely at the top of the fuck me now list. Here's part of one of the best scenes I've ever read. Panties? What panties??? Those left everytime I picked up this book! :D

"In a quick series of moves he rose above her, pulled her hips off the mattress, and entered her from behind, sliding deep. Heat roared through him as she arched under his invasion, and he ran one of his arms between her breasts, holding on to her upper body. With his hand, he twisted her chin around so he could kiss her.

Her breath was hot and desperate in his mouth as he slowly extracted himself from her core. The surge back in made them both groan. She was so incredibly tight, squeezing him hard as a vise. He got in a couple more controlled thrusts and then his hips took over, moving of their own volition until he couldn't keep contact with her lips anymore. His body pounded into hers, and he shifted his hands to her waist and held on.

Her chest dropped down to the bed and her face turned to the side. Her lips were parted, her eyes closed. He let go of her torso and planted his fists in the mattress on either side of her shoulders. She was so small underneath him, dwarfed by the thickness of his forearms, but she took all of him, from tip to base, over and over again until he was lost."

Toss your panties yet? Yeah, thought so. I love how the rest of the scene plays out....*wicked grins*


Sagi said...

I love the post :D but u really can't leave me hanging here i want to know the ending u see i get all excited and then nothing.... :P

That evil grin is way 2 smug :P lol now i have to go and buy the book w/o anyone knowing (oops now every1 knows) lol

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