Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lucky Break by Carly Phillips

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Wow! The Corwin Curse is broken!

I just finished the last book in the series of the Corwin curse. Lucky Break by Carly Phillips. She's fantastic, I always loved reading her, I've got tons of her books. She's my number one non paranormal author.

The basic gist of the curse is that if any Corwin man falls in love, he is destined lose his love and his fortune. And so far....that curse has held true. Every Corwin man has loved and lost both his love and fortune up till now.

I liked this one about Jason Corwin and Lauren Perkins. Jason was going for the gold in the Olymics for snowboarding, until the girlfriend he had slipped steroids into his powdered shakes he drank daily. That made me want to slap her stupid, but she already was. :P So with him being banned from the sport, his dreams dashed, he went home and began running a construction company to pass the time and pay the bills. Fun? I think not. Though sometimes the candy can be pretty good.

Lauren is a fashion designer trying to make it big. She'd just sold her sketches to a big timer and her designs are going to be shown in Paris during fashion week. That is HUGE! Many kudos to Lauren for that. I always do like my girlie fashion and model shows. *Giggles* Lauren's come back to revamp her dead grandmother's house and sell it. Go figure that Jason's working construction eh? *waggles eyebrows*

Her sister Beth has been a very bad girl...and very disturbed. You see...Lauren is the only sane and generally nice person of her family. Her sister is in a psych ward of the prison under little security and she's the basic villian of the story. I wanna slap her too, but that's no surprise. Haha. Lauren wants to believe in the best in her sister and I can relate to that. I tend to believe the best in people until they crash it.

These two are so cute together though, like the way Jason protects Lauren from ridcule from his family and the townspeople. Because of the way her mayor grandmother and the rest of her family had been in town, no one likes the idea of a Perkins. They've done everything in their power to crush people. And when Lauren receives the brunt of that, he helps in anyway he can. I adore that. Protective guys ALWAYS get my vote.

At times it lulled but it was overall a good book to me. It was a bit mellow especially on the smut, but that's alright. I needed that at the moment. It feels good to have the loose ends tied up, everyone happy, and I got to see my pagan woman again. :D She's so sweet, I really like her.

I give it 4 out of 5 naughty frisks.



Leontine said...

I've read Carly Phillips with a Hot Zone novel and I enjoy her voice. She is one of those authors where you start a book and almost in one sitting finish a book. I liked your recap Pixie and don't you just love the cover *wink*

Pixiedust said...

*Giggles* I agree! Yes I'm always a fan of most romance covers. I searched forever to find out Nathan Camp's name. He's on a TON and he's gorgeous

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