Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mamma Mia!

Anyone seen Mamma Mia?

OMG I was so excited to go see this show in Chicago at the Rosemont Theater. I went last Sunday with my Mom and my aunt. A bunch of people were going from my aunt's work. A group thing. We ended up taking a bus there, but it wasn't just any bus. It was a coach bus! *Giggles* It had overhead compartments and it even had adjustable footrests! My little self needs that. I'm so glad they cater to me :P

I brought Doc E with to snuggle and do naughty things to while we rode the hour there and back. The driver played jazz music but I couldn't hear it over the chatter of everyone on the bus.

I watched a little bit out the window too and I couldn't help thinking...couldn't the highways here be prettier? Serioulsy, the highways in IL/IN are so drab and unappealing. I think boring and neutral are good words for them. But the highways I've seen in AZ/ those are pretty! There's the stucco type of concrete walls with all kinds of southwestern designs in them or desert landscape slanting up from the highways in some places in Arizona. In California I saw metal designs and the like on the edges of the highways but they had pretty designs and were colorful. Not just drab and bland.

Aaand back to Mamma Mia. *Giggles*

Normally in situations like this, I tend to get sleepy, but this time I didn't fall asleep once! The show was amazing! *Giggles* It was so cute and so funny! Everyone at one point had made me laugh but the mother's friends...they were a hoot!! I adore them.

*Laughs* And Pepper!! "No, because he gets up your nose" hahahaha, I think I have that quote right...if not, oops!

There was lots of man candy too! I swear there were half nekkid guys for at least a FULL quarter of the show. I was sitting at the back and could see pecs clearly. Now those pecs I know they look better up close. No wonder I didn't fall asleep right! haha!

At the end of the show they did a few Abba songs like a concert, which I thought was pretty cool. It went from standing ovation to dancing to the songs. I danced too! *Giggles* Just a little wiggle and sway.

The only thing that bugged me was I had to lean. There was a lady's head in my way. Doesn't she know she makes a better door than a window? Haha, but I would lean to the left and she's slowly lean to her left. Then...I would lean to the right fast to get away from her head in my way and she'd jerk her head to the right...back in my way. We danced like this for a while and I'll admit....THIS was not a fun dance. -.- Once I leaned to the right as far as i could though, she couldn't get in my way anymore. Haha, it was just Mom on that side anyway and she didn't mind.

:D All in all I had a fun day. I went to the barn early that morning and left for this not long after I got home from that. So I was wiiiped!

I loved the theater version of Mamma Mia and soon I'll be watching the movie version. The storyline had me and it made me laugh. Perfect combo :D


Sagi said...

aaaawwww :) Sounds like u had a full and fun day :P When I saw Mama Mia it was a long time ago but those men with pecks sure stayed with me :P (shhh don't tell my dad *wink*) and your sig is amazing in your posts :D

~*Karra*~ said...

Aww, I live in NW Indiana, and I didn't know Mamma Mia was playing at the Rosemont. :( I totally would have gotten tickets!

Glad you had a great time, though!


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