Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sexy Wednesday

    So I'll just start off by saying that Lauren Dane is by far one of THE best erotica authors...ever. I absolutely love her work and her Brown series is so edgy and sexy that I can't get enough. Which is funny, because her next book is called Never Enough, haha. I'm really excited for it to come out and I'm bummed it will be the last in this series. For now though, here's a sexy snippet from her 3rd book, Inside Out:

He turned her in his arms, brushing her nipples against his chest until she squeezed her thighs together to try to ease the weight of desire, even just a bit.
"Ella, woman, I have wanted you. Admired you. Been attracted to you. Liked you. Pretty much crushed on you like a lovesick boy for years now.
I'm not leaving this bedroom with you until I've made you come at least three times. I need to be in you."
She blushed and decided to just machine-gun it all out so she couldn't overthink. "Okay, so the deal is, we've established that I want you inside me. We've established I'm not afraid of you. You're teaching me how to tackle the last few things, teaching me to gain more control over my life."
He nodded, solemn, his focus on her completely.
"So, um, I have a control problem. I mean, gah! I don't know how to explain it."
"Red, just tell me, and I'll do it. Even if the most beautiful tits on earth weren't brushing up against me this very moment, I'd still move mountains for you."
"God, you're so unexpected! I need to be in charge this first time," she blurted.
A slow, sly smile crept over his mouth. "Is that all? You can tie me up, spank my ass, blindfold me, well, that would suck because those freckles, that skin, those fucking breasts are so hot I'd hate not to be looking at them. But do what you will. I am yours to command."
He laughed. "Ella, yes. I want you. We're halfway to naked, and what do I care if you want to hold the reins? Tell me what to do, whatever."
Cope had been so worried she would put a halt to the entire thing, and this is all she needed? He'd go buy her bitch boots and a whip if she wanted it. He got it; she'd been controlled, and she wanted some control now. Fine. What did he have to lose by letting her have it?


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