Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sexy Wednesday

    JR Ward. What an amazing author! 
    Ever since I've read her first BDB(Black-Dagger Brotherhood) book, Dark Lover, I've been in love with the series. JR Ward is top notch when it comes to paranormal romance. This series is about vampire brothers who are warriors in a war against lessers, who are de-souled demons. The books have some awesome fight scenes and humor...but as HELL sex scenes. 
    Today....I'm sharing part of a sexy scene from Lover Mine, John and Xhex's story. So if you haven't read the series, seriously. GO pick up Dark Lover! Read it, love it, and catch up! If you have read it...feel free to enjoy the sexy scene again right 
John buttressed the door closed with a plastic chair and turned to face Xhex. She was walking around, her lithe body and smooth strides better than an entire strip show, as far as he was concerned. 
Reaching to the side, he killed the lights. 
The red-and-white Exit sign over the door created a pool of dim light that his body split in half, his shadow a tall, dark divide that stretched all the way across the blue flooring to Xhex’s feet. 
“God, I want you,” she said. 
She wasn’t going to have to say that twice. Kicking off his Nikes, he pulled his shirt over his head and let it fall to the mats in a flap. Then he linked his thumbs in the waistband of his running shorts and drew them down his thighs, his cock popping free and standing straight out of him. The fact that it pointed to her like a divining rod was no big surprise—everything from his brain to his blood to his beating heart was focused on the female who stood no more than ten feet away. 
But he wasn’t going to just jump on her and pound away. Nope. Not even if it gave him balls the color of a Smurf—
His thoughts stopped being logical as her hands went to the bottom hem of her sweatshirt and, in an elegant shift, she pulled it up her torso and over her head. Underneath, she had on nothing except for her beautiful, smooth skin and her tight, high breasts. 
As her scent roared across the way and he began to pant, those nimble fingers of hers went to the tie on the scrubs and loosened it, the thin green cotton falling in a rush to her ankles. 
Oh…sweet God, she was gloriously bared to him, and the impressive lines of her body were astonishing: Although they’d had sex two times, both had been fast and hot, so he’d never had the chance to look at her properly—
John blinked hard. 
For a moment, all he could see were the bruises that had been on her when he’d found her, especially the ones on the insides of her thighs. To know now that she hadn’t gotten them from just hand-to-hand fighting … 
“Don’t go there, John,” she said hoarsely. “I’m not and you shouldn’t. 
Just … don’t go there. He’s already taken too much from both of us.” 
His throat tightened around a roar of vengeance, which he managed to stifle only because he knew she was right. With sheer force of will, he decided that the door behind him, the one he’d jammed shut with the chair, was going to keep out not just passersby of the living variety, but the ghosts of wrongs as well. 
There would be time on the other side of this private commune for evening the score. 
 You are so beautiful, he mouthed. 
But of course she couldn’t see his lips. 
Guess he was going to have to show her. 
John took a step forward and another and another. And it wasn’t just him going toward her. She met him in the middle, halfway between her point A and his point B, her form encased in the shadow thrown by his body and yet nevertheless the only thing he saw. 
As they came together, his chest was pumping and so was his heart.  I love you, he mouthed in the dark slice he’d cut out of the light. 
They each reached for the other at the same moment: He went for her face. She put her hands on his ribs. Their mouths finished the journey in the still, electrified air, their lips latching on, soft to soft, warm to warm. 
Drawing her against his bare chest, John wrapped his thick arms around her shoulders and held her tight as he deepened the kiss—and she was right there with him, sliding her palms around his sides and slipping them down to the small of his back. 
His cock folded up between them, the friction of his stomach and hers sending shafts of heat licking up and down his spine. But he wasn’t in a hurry. With lazy pushes, his hips moved in and back, stroking his arousal against her as he shifted his hands onto her arms and then to her waist. 
Thrusting deep with his tongue, he dragged one hand up to the short hair at the base of her neck and let the other fall to the back of her thigh. Her leg came up on his gentle pull, the sleek muscles flexing—
With a lithe surge, she jumped the gun, leaping onto him and wrapping the remaining leg that had borne her weight around his hips. As his cock hit something hot and wet, he groaned and took them down to the floor, holding her to him as he sank them to the mats and stretched her out underneath him. 
John broke the seal of their kiss and pulled back enough so he could run his tongue up the side of her throat. Latching on, he sucked on the cords of her neck and followed them downward until his fangs, which throbbed to the beat of his erection, traced over the thrust of her collarbone. As he went south, her fingers were deep in his hair and holding him down to her skin, moving him toward her breasts. 
Pulling back, he towered over her and traced with his eyes the way her body was set off by the glowing light of the Exit sign. Her nipples were tight and her ribs were pumping hard and her six-pack flexed as she rolled her hips. Between her thighs, her smooth sex had him opening his mouth in a soundless hiss—
Without warning, she reached up and put her hand on his cock. 
The contact had him rearing back to the point where he had to throw his arms out and catch himself on his palms. 
“Goddamn, you’re beautiful,” she said on a growl. 
Her voice snapped him into action and he shifted forward, popping his cock free of her palm and positioning himself so he was kneeling between her thighs. Dropping his head, he covered one of her nipples with his mouth and flicked at it with his tongue. 
The moan that rippled out of her nearly had him coming all over her sex and he had to freeze his body to regain control. When the tingling tide retreated enough, he resumed sucking at her … and let his palms drift slowly down her ribs and her waist and her hips. 
Typical of her, she was the one who put him to her sex. 
Xhex covered one of his hands with her own and got him right where they both wanted him to be. 


Blue Shedevil said...

This is without a doubt my favorite series to date, and I don't foresee it being replaced anytime soon. I can't wait for Tohr's book, it promises to be heartwrenching. Still loving the blog.....Ta.

Nixie said...

Thank you :) Sherrilyn Kenyon's books were my first faves, so she'll always be there, but Ward is neck in neck. I think they share top spot for me.

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