Thursday, June 16, 2011

Future Tattoo

    I've never had a tattoo before. I'm afraid of needles. But I want a tattoo. Crazy right? Haha, I can't help it. I have two things I want to get. The first one, I can do in photoshop to give the artist an idea. The second one is going to be one I give the idea to the artist and say "Aaand go." lol

If you've read Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series,  you know this symbol.  If not, this is the symbol  every DH has and I've spiffed it in Photoshop for my tattoo. 

    I want it to pop and unless the artist comes up with something more awesome, to be like that. I just haven't had the money lately. Damn responsibility lol

    I've already done some researching into who I want to do it too. Been to a couple places and checked out some artists. I have it narrowed down, I just need to have the moolah. 

So now I'm waiting and waiting for my time to get this. 

Just like with True Blood, waiting sucks. 


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