Monday, June 27, 2011

Awaiting More TVD


    I want to read the books that go alone with this show. I've fallen so in love with the show and I want to know more. I've heard that it's following fairly close to the books, but I'd like to find out for myself as well. 

   The center of everything. She has so much on her shoulders and yet, I think she carries it well. She pulls herself up through each tragedy she faces and moves on with grace. 

     I can see that Elena is in love with Stefan, but denying herself the draw she feels toward Damon. Those moments when Damon shows his love make me swoony though. And the way the show's going...we may get to see some Damon/Elena lovins. 

    They make a good team and I'm anxious for the next season to see where they end up. Will Elena let Stefan go after what he's done? He did it because he loves her. They were all between a rock in a hard place in the last few episodes. What will she do? I'm counting down the days until the show comes back.


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