Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Born of Night Review

Watch the video for the storyline :D

I don't think I could ever imagine being in Nykyrian's place. Being that alone. But I do like how the story progressed. How Kiara had healed him. Helped him to deal with old wounds and become all the more stronger for it.

I loved the book and would recommend it to anyone. I had to get used to the futuristic aspect of it, like the terms. I'm not used to the futuristic terms so they seemed silly at first. I stopped reading it the first time I tried because of life getting in the way. When I began the second time I was more hooked and more open to the futuristic terms as well.

I did not like how Nyk had stayed away from Kiara when he thought it would be best for her. I never like that in a story.

Reading about the secondary characters made me want to read their stories and find out more about them. Sherrilyn Kenyon always has a way about her writing that just draws me in. She makes me go through all my emotions...fantastic.


Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

I just got this one and have been hesitant to read it but after this's at the top of the list. :)

Very nice review.

Megan said...

I liked the book, too, and am currently reading Born of Fire. So far, I think I like Syn's story even more. I'm a big fan of Kenyon's DH series and would like to read more of the league as well. Thanks for the review!

Megan said...

BTW - Excellent photo of JM and Xhex! April 27th, baby!!

Pixiedust said...

@Gigi's Consignment Closet- Aww yay! I'm glad, it's a good book! :D

@Megan- I've yet to read the others but I'm excited to when I get to them. :D

And thank you tons for the JM/Xhex kudos. *Giggles* I can't wait for the book!

Mar said...

I really liked this book but Born of Fire...uhm, can I get an OMG? Because Syn...that man, he just does it for me in every which way. :) And Shahara is not so bad either as a heroine, she kicks major ass. Love the futuristic aspect of this series, it's very different to what I'm used to reading. I'm really looking forward to book 4 which I think it's Caillens story. Yum. Nice review, Pix! :)

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