Monday, December 14, 2009

Boston Legal

Allen Shore.

Those are two powerful words on the show Boston Legal. He's one of the best attorneys there and he's very unconventional(just how we like 'em *waggles eyebrows n grins*). Only on the second season of BL we're seeing him change. We get to see through to the softer side of him and it makes you want him more.

One chick on the show described him perfectly after he'd ripped apart another attorney and whipped the slap happy grin off the guy's face. "That was the single sexiest thing I'd ever seen a man do."

And his response? "You should see me when I do it naked." HA! We'd love to! lol

It's the man's power that draws us to him and he's always got that confident attitude even if he doesn't feel it. In the beginning he would constantly hit on women and that sort, now not so much. I'm super curious about how he'll change throughout the rest of the seasons!

I'm almost done with season 2. I think there's 5. This show is hysterical and James Spader isn't the only one to make it funny.

It's generally everyone, but William Shatner? Come on. He makes it. lol Denny Crane. That's all there is to that. He says it repeatedly and as a show of power, which turns out to be just funny as hell. Going through the media with a client on his way to the courtroom, he'll mutter random stuff and then his name. Mutter mutter mutter Denny Crane. Mutter mutter she wants me Denny Crane. *cracks up laughing* He's beginning to show signs of Alzheimer's and it's scaring him just as much as everyone else, but he makes due best he can.

Denny and Allen are best friends on the show. At the end, it's usually Denny and Allen smoking a cigar, drinking some scotch, and letting loose some of the things that happened through the day and their thoughts on it. I expect that so when it's not that, it's weird. lol But sometimes it's the girls and that's pretty neat too.

The firm's name is Crane, Poole, and Schmidt. I'm not sure who Poole he/she isn't so important. Paul's the third partner...otherwise known as stick in the mud. We're getting to know why...but he's still not that interesting. Meh

Candace Bergan. She be Schmidt. Shirley Schmidt that is. And her entrance to the show was walking into the mens bathroom while Allen was pulled out and going. lol And no one flinched or rushed out. The woman's phenomenal and I love her to pieces. She'd once slept with Denny and bats off his every reminder of it and his advances with style. She's just plain fantastic and I'll be damned if she goes anywhere. *stomps foot*

It's about power and the power of your own choices. The show's got me hooked! I can't get enough!


SusiSunshine said...

I so love this series and these two guys are just hilarious. Love it! Love it!

Pixiedust said...

HAHA! And I thought I was alone in the smut world on this. lol Awesome! They totally rock, hands down.

okenyo george said...

I wish i'd see the lawyer in me when i see allen shore.You are an awesome attorney.

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