Friday, November 20, 2009

Lover Avenged

OMG so LA was so good....I can't wait to read JM's book....*drools all over desk* He's got a lot ahead of him, but that's what keeps us chickies interested, no?

Rehv was fantastic. Such a tortured soul. He's like an oreo cookie. Hard on the outside, creamy soft on the inside. Oops! Was that dirty? HAHA

Poor Wrath.... I won't spoiler, but I'm just happy as a jumping bean that he didn't die. --I was told he would.... -.-

I finished the book with a nice sigh and didn't really have many words. Besides the fact that I'd waited to write this. hehehe


Mandi said...

I want JM's book..NOW!!!!

I loved that we got to see Wrath and Beth in LA..they were hot.

I could write ten pages..but I will just leave it at that :)

Pixiedust said...

lol omg I know that feelin! I'm so anxious for JM's book...and the boys' book...and and and...all JR's got!

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